Crash Course

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Angie is 16 years old and has been kicked out of her father’s home.  She goes back to living in Virginia with her mother who has remarried and has two little boys. Brady, a boy from her mother’s church, tries to befriend Angie, but she is used to the party crowd, and Brady and his friends are clean teens.  Angie has a choice to make: either believe herself to be a better person than the person she has become or keep going on the same way and continue disliking herself.

“Crash Course” is a great story about overcoming one’s self-doubt. It’s a remarkable story that holds the main character’s issues up for all to see and shows how hard she must work in order to change who she is.  Angie’s character grows a great deal throughout the story and in a natural way that connects the reader to the story. Brady is more of a supporting character throughout the story; even though he is Angie’s love interest in the story, he enhances Angie’s story rather than his own. Their friendship is sweet and real, telling each other their real struggles and helping each other to overcome them. When friendship turns into something more, it is written as a clean romance.  The beauty in the story is the integral part most characters play in Angie’s journey of self-discovery. 

Laura Dinsdale