The Conduit

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Young Adult

“Batman had it easy. He was an only child.”
-Celeste Garret

True that. Being a superhero is not nearly as cool when you have two beloved but annoying siblings getting their superpowers too. But, That may yet turn out to be a good thing, because the Garret family will need everything at its disposal. Including:  
Gabe, the fearsome man/kitty cat lion
Kendall, the (overwhelmingly) cheerful, love filled girl able to sprout wings and fly
And last, but not the least,
Celeste, the empathic Conduit.
The siblings will have to push aside their squabbles and get along because the Big Bad Barnabus is out to get their family, or specifically the Conduit. Prepare, world, the Garrets are newly trained, hilarious and (kind of) united!
*Drumrolls, please!* (Because this Stacey Rourke book deserves lots of fanfare and applause!)
The blend of humor, magic, family ties and romance is almost as good as a shoes/chocolate combo!! Gabe, Kendell and Celeste are so very different, yet they fit in a way true families do - with grumbling, teasing and unflinching loyalty. Individually, they’re very interesting as well. There was romance, mostly on Celeste’s part, but it wasn’t the main focus, the magic and adventures are. Not to say the potential isn’t intriguing. What happens next, Ms. Rourke, is definitely the question that would be on everyone’s minds after reading this book! A truly wonderful and fun beginning of a promising series!
Mimi Smith