The Conception (Descendant #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  On the run from the servants of hell, Elizabeth is placed by her best friend Eddie in one of the few places a member of her holy bloodline can hide, called "The Flame". Unsure who to trust and what is going to happen, Elizabeth finds herself caught in a prophecy she doesn’t know how to change, and longing for her love, Michael. If she is caught she will be forced to carry a child of hell that will end the world, but if she pursues love with Michael, they will be breaking all the rules of heaven as well. With time running out, and her best friend challenging her on every side, how can she change her fate before it’s too late?


An emotion-driven paranormal YA story, “The Conception” is the second book in “The Descendent” series and picks up right where the last left off. A story with a lot of interesting potential concerning a holy bloodline, it instead is riddled with world and character-building problems.  Elizabeth is a weak and somewhat whiny character who is torn between her emotions over her parents, her love for her best friend, her forbidden boyfriend, and fear over the prophecy, while making every bad choice she can. The villains are obvious and plot is predictable. Further, the Angels who are supposed to be good (even if they deal with human frailties while in physical form) come off as jerks and are stuck up for most of the story. Overall a good idea that perhaps needs another draft.


Sarah E. Bradley