The Coffin: Scarry Inn, Book 2

Young Adult

MYSTERY:  Six months ago, three people were killed at the Scarry Inn, yet now the inn is celebrating its grand opening. The event for the opening is a murder mystery weekend, and the three Scarry siblings, Madge, Clyde, and Dick, have a rift over the timing and the actual event. Dick believes it is too soon and morbid, while Madge and Clyde are both completely on board. The guests arrive, and everything is going well until the first dead body is found. With no trust between anyone and surprises around every corner, this group of people need to band together to stay alive.

"The Coffin" is a true nail-biting, heart-pounding murder mystery. This is no simple whodunit novel as the reader thinks they know who the killer is early, but when the murderer is finally unmasked the audience is gasping with surprise and terror. The pacing of the story is fantastic, helping the reader reach a fever pitch of anxiety and fear before exposing the truth behind smiles. Although this is a sequel, it can be read as a standalone. It gives enough information from the first not to leave one confused but not enough to rehash the previous book. This story makes the reader yearn for the next juicy installment. Ms. McCann is a complete weaver of magic and this story her spell, and the audience is under it.

Yannie Sorensen