Cian and Arin: Beginning (Secret Defenders)

Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Arin, a blind girl, and her family are peaceful and content with their life when certain beings begin to disturn their peace with malevolence. The black gryphons, led by their power-thirsty leader, Cahal, are busy laying out their plans to vandalize all Irish villages where humans and gray gryphons live. Cian Conn, a human with special abilities, joins the black gryphons who promise to give him the key to great freedom. He later discovers that their intentions are destructive. Things take a different turn when Arin’s sister, Mairin, goes missing. Although blind, Arin embarks on a journey to find her sister. Coincidentally, Arin meets Cian who is on his quest to save humans, but he does not know what to do to achieve his goal. Their journey begins. 

When humans and other beings are in a crisis, the reader normally takes a back seat to enjoy as unusual things unfold between them. Such is the case with this book. The reader gets to enjoy an unusual setting that drives his/her mind to root for certain characters. The author did not disappoint since the rise and fall of the bad guys draws the attention of the reader from the beginning to the end while the good guys have to labor through it all. There is a certain bumpiness in the series of events, especially at the beginning, which may make the reader drop the book before he/she gets to the amazing climax, however. When one gets past that part, the storyline becomes clear and delectable. It serves as a befitting appetizer to its sequel.   

JM Lareen