A Chosen Path (The Chosen Chronicles Book 3)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  In this third book in The Chosen Chronicles saga, Tolen and Macy must now part ways and follow their separate paths in service to The Light.  Tolen must journey to the Zenith to complete his transcendence, and Macy must go in search of the Last Shard.  However, their paths are neither straight nor free of obstacles and along the way both find groups of helpers and must learn to trust others.  Will they complete their tasks and be ready to battle The Dark for the future of Earth and all humankind?

This third book in the saga does not stand alone. To fully understand the mythology of this series, the reader will need to start at the beginning.  The world presented by Ms. Parkinson is well formed and rich, and unique characters and language bring this world to life. While “epic” best describes this piece of the saga that takes place over a period of about a week, the point of view alternates between Tolen and Macy keeping the pace moving.  This series draws heavily on Christian ideals so while there is a passionate love between Tolen and Macy there are only two scenes in which the pair share steamy, magic infused kisses.  This book is not the end of the saga and sets the stage for an epic battle between Light and Dark.

Elissa Blabac