Children of Yden

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Young Adult

FANTASY:  In this amazing sequel to “The Last Great Wizard of Yden”, Jon has defeated Efysian and wizards are returning to Yden, but many kids like himself back on Earth, don’t know about Yden or their magic.  Now it’s time to find them and bring them back. But the Dragon Clan isn’t the only ones recruiting young wizards, the Fox Clan is building an army, and it’s once again up to Jon, his magical family, loyal and quirky friends, and some new recruits to save the day and maybe find out a bit more about themselves in the process.

In a very Percy Jackson meets wizardry sort of tale, this book goes from the high fantasy adventure of the first book to more collecting wizards and fighting for good in the sequel. Due to the large number of characters and events alluded to but not explained or reintroduced in the second book, readers should definitely read the first book before picking this one up, but it will be worth the time. It is a solid tale good for children, young adults, and adults alike, readers will find themselves hoping Dorsit shows up at their houses with a clan ring and whisks them off to Yden to see the magical landscape and cool creatures that seem to abound. While not an original story idea, Rogers does successful capture the reader and write so that the characters do a bit of growing throughout the book. Well done!

Sarah E. B.