Child of the Sacred Earth (The Lost Kingdom of Fallada #2)

Young Adult

Jocylene Sanders' life has been anything but easy. A do-nothing foster parent is all she’s ever had and even though she’s legally old enough to walk away, she won’t. She can’t leave behind her foster siblings and she’s got a plan to make a better life for them. Little does she know those plans will literally be out of this world.

Rothatin Longspear is on a mission:  to restore the lost Princess Jocylene to her rightful place as one of the seven princesses of Fallada. For the general of the Fae armies this should be a simple task but he’s learning, rather quickly, that you can take the girl out of the human world but you can’t take the human world out of the girl.

“Child of the Sacred Earth” is book 2 in “The Lost Kingdom of Fallada” series. The author’s great love of her genre is apparent in her world-building skills and one feels easily transported to a magical realm beyond our own. Unfortunately, some of those fantasy elements feel too similar to other well-loved books and movies of the same genre. Though the book does well as a stand-alone in a series, Jocylene’s story seems unnecessarily and frustratingly unfinished. And though it’s a minor thing, the girl on the cover has emphasized gold eyes, while it’s mentioned multiple times in the book that Jocylene’s eyes are green. Even so, if one loves fantasy series, this one is an easy one to get happily lost in!

Sofia St. Angeles