Chemistry of a Kiss (Sweet Water High #5)

Young Adult

Jett Bryant is the boy Harper crushed on from the time they were five and she chased him down and kissed him until a humiliating event in eighth grade.  Four years later, during their senior year, they are paired up in their Marriage and Relations class with the topic, “The Chemistry of a Kiss.”  Unable to switch partners, Harper is forced to do research on kissing with the one boy she hates, all the while trying to save her boyfriend TJ from himself.  Harper is determined to focus on TJ but when her mother lays down an ultimatum about dating, Harper sets Jett up to be her fake-boyfriend.  The plan works until it backfires and she must determine what is real and what is not.

Ms. Krey creates an intriguing story for young adults to dive into, introducing characters and situations to which they can relate.  Harper is a typical teenager, dealing with emotions, relationships, school, her mother, and for the target audience she is a great character. For readers outside of the intended young adult audience, she may come across as naïve and slightly ridiculous.  Adults may still find enjoyment in the overall experience, but may not find a character or plotline with which to connect.  The storyline follows the trope of 'hate to love', and follows the typical formula for this type of tale, very entertaining, but not all that surprising.  Still, “Chemistry of a Kiss” is a sweet story of young love and the trials of being a teenager that any young adult would enjoy.

Amy Cefoldo