Chasing Flames

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Aydah Bell is a normal girl who returns to school after a pointless family mini-vacation only to find out that; people are disappearing in town, her family is keeping secrets from her, her best friend Adam has started acting odd, she’s suddenly craving raw meat, and the handsome and very mysterious Liam Bailey has just moved in. When Liam returns her interest and her family objects, emotions will stir up a storm. Needless to say, Aydah is a bit too distracted to see that something is brewing on the horizon, and she might not survive it.


A paranormal romance, “Chasing Flames” is the prequel story that reads more like a really long prologue.  It sets things up, but there is no real plot and no follow through. People are disappearing but it doesn't really involve the main character other than she knows one of them. She's craving raw meat but that doesn't go anywhere. Her family is hiding secrets but none of them are ever revealed. Her insta-love boyfriend is not human but it never says what he is. Unfortunately, nothing is ever revealed, which is disappointing because the story has so much potential to be built on. This leaves the reader feeling cheated in the end. It would work for those who have already read the series and desire some added background. The story has the interesting characters, a mystery, hints of vampires and werewolves, a possible love triangle, and fabulous descriptions that could develop into a great story - it’s just not there yet.  


Sarah E Bradley