Champion in the Darkness (The Champion Trilogy Book 1)

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL:  Fifteen-year-old Clara is no stranger to the use of a sword. Daughter of a Sword Master and a Shepherd Teacher, Clara has always known she wanted to be a Sword Master and has trained to fill her destiny. But when dark forces attack her home of Skycliff in Septily, her training is cut short. She must survive the attack and flee to under Skycliff where she and a handful of others retreat following their initial battle. There in the darkness is she and a few other youth are initiated to their life callings.


Ms. Martinson takes readers on an exciting excursion in this originally unique sci-fi fantasy. Martinson does a nice job of placing the reader firmly in the mind of each character, although each does not seem terribly unique from the others. Each knows who the good guys and the bad guys are from the beginning. Ms. Martinson poses questions she baits her readers with, only to switch out the possibility of a satisfying answer to be explained in a later volume. Nice tactic, if the reader intends to wait for the last in the trilogy; a series that for some will be well worth the wait.


Shaunna Gonzales