Catching Moonlight (The Sunrise Prophecy Book 2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Corben Alexander cannot get Liana Linacre out of his mind. He must fight the urge and desire he has for her or he risks endangering humanity. When she needs his help again, Corben knows he should not go to her but when no one else will, he opts to take on the task. Corben goes to the woman he loves and must channel every ounce of strength he has not to give into his feelings for her. Will he be able to keep her safe while keeping his own feelings in check? Or will humanity fall?

An exciting story that paranormal romance readers will love, “Catching Moonlight” is the second book in the Sunrise Prophecy series and it is a good addition. Granted there are a few aspects that readers who have not read the first book may be confused about. Nevertheless, the fast-paced plot, varied characters and array of action scenes are descriptive and pull readers straight into the midst of the action. Corben is an interesting character and there is almost a brooding quality to him as well as him being fiercely protective of Liana. Liana is a strong and likeable heroine and readers will enjoy following her on her journey. Some twists and turns make this one of the paranormal romance series to keep a close eye on and definitely add to a book collection. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick