Catalyst (The Deception Game #1)

Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN:  Sienna Preston is an above-average young woman trapped in a world of bioengineered perfection. Her life is shattered when her father is suddenly taken from her world. Forced to survive in a cruel, crumbling city she struggles to make enough money to take care of her younger sister and ill mother. When a job goes wrong she is thrust into a nightmare in which not one, but two young men vie for her affection and loyalty. Determining who she can trust becomes crucial as the clock counts down on her mother’s safety. 


"Catalyst" enters the dystopian adventure arena and ranks with the likes of the “Divergent” or “Hunger Games” series in style and character. Ms. Smith has crafted a protagonist that young women should be emulating in character, though not profession. Sienna is a Harley-straddling badass that can handle herself against the biggest of bullies. Unaware of her natural beauty in a world of bioengineered perfection, she is more feminine than she knows while still maintaining her strength. The plot is deftly developed and fleshes out perfectly — until the ending. How dare Ms. Smith leave her readers hanging so thoroughly? Nasty cliffhanger! Even with the ending the read is a giant thrill ride, with twists and turns that cannot be predicted. Add in the handsome Trey Winchester and the perfect Zane Ryder as dueling love interests and you have a story that is truly hard to put down!


Penelope Anne Bartotto