The Case of the Vanishing Girls (Book 1 WildCat Crew)

Young Adult

The community of Monrovia in Los Angeles County is relatively quiet.  It has finally moved on from the Manson family murders, and crime is now virtually unheard of — that is, until three girls vanish with only notes left behind. The police department is baffled and worried that more people will disappear. They call on the Wildcat Crew, a group of aspiring teenage sleuths, for help. The P.D.  has their suspect, but the Wildcat Crew has their sights set on someone else. Solving the case of the vanishing girls could also unlock the mystery of a local family that died years ago.

"The Case of the Vanishing Girls" will leave the reader feeling nostalgic for the old-fashioned mysteries like "Nancy Drew". The author even references the series, which adds to the nostalgia. The narrative moves quickly and makes for a swift and entertaining read. The main character has a strong drive and leadership skills, and leads the Wild Cat crew in order to solve the mystery. It is fascinating that the police ask the teenage sleuths for help, and that they have the skills needed to solve the mystery. The author takes readers into the mind of the criminal, which is quite disturbing. The downside to the fast pace set by the author is the lack of backstory for the characters, and the overall story lacked depth. A quick, entertaining mystery, "The Case of the Vanishing Girls" sets up a promising mystery series.

Jessica Samuelsen