Cape Ingenue

Young Adult

It was a perfect day for Sandrin and her friend Kestrel to meet up with friends. When they arrive at the swimming hole they find something they never could have been prepared for. Their friend Kevin is lying dead at the bottom of a treacherous waterfall. Sandrin embarks on an incredible adventure as she tries to figure out what is going on. Not only with the death of Kevin but with break-ins at the Library and even at her own home.

Does any of this have to do with the pirates’ treasure that is supposed to be buried at Cape Ingenue? In her search, Sandrin becomes involved with Colt, the local misunderstood bad boy and a descendent of these pirates. He was a good friend of Kevin’s and also wants to know how he fell to his death. Are Colt’s uncles responsible for any of this? Sandrin and Colt work together, and sometimes against each other, to try to understand what is happening.

In this mystery, E. Bard describes the characters in a way that makes readers feel like they know and understand them while still wanting to know more. The writing is sometimes disjointed and leaves the reader confused, as it is written the way Sandrin thinks, her mind jumping from one idea to another without missing a beat. There are also a few loose ends at the end that leaves one wanting to know more about Sandrin and her friends and family.  In a unique twist, however, the author gives the reader the opportunity to customize the book. The reader can change the names of the characters, and even make him or herself the main character!

Rose Mary Espinoza