The Canary Club (The Canary Club Novels)

Sherry D.
Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  It’s 1927 and Benny is fresh out of prison.  He vows to never go back but work is hard to come for an ex-con.  He accidentally lands a job and meets Masie, the daughter of one of the biggest crime bosses in The Big Apple. Before he knows it he’s promoted to a very prestigious position in the seedy underground gangster world.  However, success means nothing in comparison to the waves Masie creates in Benny’s heart.  In the upper-echelon crime syndicate, Benny quickly learns Masie is way out of his league.  Together the two are determined to prove, despite all odds, love can conquer all!

Ms. Ficklin does an amazing job of transporting one back to this era and fans will not be disappointed!  One can almost hear the big band striking up a swanky tune, smell the taboo libations of the speakeasy clubs, and see the glittering gowns of dames dressed to the nines.  She weaves in these details so seamlessly it is not cumbersome, making this an incredibly fun read!

A few minor tweaks could have made this tale better. Author Sherry Ficklin has chosen first person POV to tell her story, and the voices of either Benny or Masie are very similar, which makes the reader occasionally strain to remember whose perspective they are in.  Also, the internal and external conflicts need some focus.  Masie and Benny’s conflicts change a few times throughout the novel, causing the pacing to sometimes drag.  These alterations notwithstanding, the reader will be enthralled, dazzled, and left clamoring for the next installment of this series!  

MB Rose