Can Dreams Come True? (The Cecily Taylor Series)

Krysten Lindsay
ISBN Number: 
Young Adult

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to meet their favorite popstar idol? In the town of Blue Arbor, seventeen-year-old Cecily Damore gets that chance. Her popstar crush, Andrew Holiday, wants her in his next music video. Cecily’s boyfriend, Zach Reynolds, appears to be okay with it, at first.

Andrew Holiday is sure to give readers of all ages their own fangirl meets Harry Styles moment. One won’t be able to resist rooting for this old-soul, popstar in the flesh. Cecily is no exception. The music Andrew creates puts words to feelings she struggles to express, as if he has a bird’s eye view to her soul.

Fans of Young Adult books will love reading about what most teenage girls only get to dream about. The author weaves the phases of Cecily’s teenage life using a delightful tangle of adolescent drama, humor, and insecurity all the way through to dreams come true. The young adults and other characters are unique and memorable, creating a world that readers can enjoy living and reminiscing in. Readers may also appreciate a small peek into the workings of the entertainment industry along with Cecily and her friends. The love triangle tugs heartstrings in both directions until a happy ever after for now leaves readers satisfied and excited to see what comes next in The Cecily Taylor Series.

Becca Windsor