Broken Fate (Threads of the Moirae)

Jennifer Allis
Young Adult

Holding people's lives in your hand is a daunting task, but when you are the third goddess of fate and your name is Atropos, it’s what you do.  Unwilling to form relationships with the humans she is charged with and eventually snipping their life thread, Atropos has lived a lonely life.  Forever encouraged to make friends, even of the human variety, by her father, Zeus, and her mother Themis, Goddess of Justice, neither are happy when they realize her fate after Alex Morgan enters her life.  Alex’s own impending fate makes their relationship even more bitter sweet.  Can Atropos lower her shields to enjoy love and life, or will the fickle fate they have both been handed jade her forever?

“Broken Fate” is a young adult retelling of the Fates, in the style of a tragic Greco Roman mythological tale. Some readers may find this tale utterly dark. True followers of mythological tales will be utterly amazed and dazzled with the twists and turns in what appears to be the first installment for this series.  The Fates live in modern day Georgia as perpetual teenagers but this dark tale of young love is twisted to the degree that readers will be left with “I didn’t see that coming”.  Atropos is the main theme of this tale told in first person, thoughtfully presented.  Her one and only true friend and love Alex, can only garner reader’s sympathy.  With an ending that can best be summed, as “Death is only the Beginning”, fans of other Mythological based series will be enchanted and eagerly await the next installment.

Jordyn Teel