Bring Down the Rain

J. Lloyd
Young Adult

When an accident ends Dereks dreams of playing baseball in the major leagues and shatters his family, he moves to Utah and begins his senior year at Orem High school. Unsure of who he is or what he wants in life, he finds inspiration working with the Radio and Audio class, and by dating the school papers editor, Tiffany. When one of Tiffanys reporters uncovers something suspicious with the football teams fundraising money, Derek and Tiffany must help each other through lifes defining moments and decide just what sacrifice really means.


This is an excellent work of YA fiction with smooth Christian undertones. Set in 1986, Derek Christmas is a good kid who lost his dad, and his future career in baseball. The story follows Derek as he rediscovers himself but also grows a great deal. The details of his work with electronics and the glimpse of life just before the dot com surge hit are also fascinating for readers, without becoming so technical they become lost or bored. Both Derek and Tiffany are fully fleshed in this story as both their back stories are explained, without detracting from their strengths and weaknesses. Christian elements concerning the LDS church are present in this tale without detracting or preaching. Rather, the story focuses mostly on what sacrifice really means and what it takes to be honorable. The only downside to this tale some readers might have is with the solution fundraising problem, although admittedly it fit reality. Overall, a fantastic must-read!


Sarah E. Bradley