Breathe Deep

Young Adult

After a terrorist attack on the her cruise ship resulted in her being stranded on a tiny island, Leah is relieved to be alive and rescued. However, she never expected the trouble that would come with reentering civilization! Nothing is the same as when she left. Paparazzi surround her house; students that ignored her at school stare at her and pretend to be her friends. Everyone wants to know what happened to her on the island and which boy she fell for. Leah just wants to figure out how to live normally again, and to find out if she and Musir have a chance in the real world, or if their love was tied to the island.


The sequel to “Deep Green”, "Breathe Deep" is a journey of self-discovery after tragedy.  Author Trisha Haddad explores what people undergo after a terrorist attack, after they are rescued and how they readjust to society and their different experiences. This frank exploration of the love, the nightmares, flashbacks and conversations relating to the first book, and the overall craziness of the media attention on people who before never stood out in a crowd will draw the reader in. Leah’s determination to move on and still reach for her goals is admirable, as is her struggle at home as her family comes to terms with the ‘what if’s’ that plague them. An excellent read!


Sarah E. Bradley