Breath of Dragons (A Pandoran Novel #3)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  In order to save their kingdom from Lord Eris and his stolen shield of power. Daria, Alex, and Vera set off for Pendel to find the Pandor’s box, the only thing that might hold a power that can withstand the shield. But time is running out for Valden, which is surrounded by Lord Eris’ forces, outnumbered, and with their allies demanding Daria’s hand in marriage in return for their help. Determined to save everyone, Daria is willing to do whatever it takes, and along the way, old legacies begin to awake. Beginning with it magic and creatures not seen since the time of Galahad, namely the dragons.


A thrilling YA adventure picking right up where the second book left off! The adventures of Daria, Alex, and Vera continue as they cross the world, gain allies, fight enemies, and confront traitors. The romance between Daria and Alex is book gripping and absolutely sizzles! Friendships are tested. Daria and Vera finally talk things through, building up the relationships between them all. The backgrounds behind Galahad and the Pendels are explored, and hints as to Daria’s true destiny are given in such a way that the reader is left demanding more.  Regardless of whether one has read the previous books, this is a series worth indulging in. That final book can’t come out fast enough!


Sarah E Bradley