A Brand New Address

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  The earth is in the throes of a second Ice Age. Humanity has fled to space to survive but those too poor to leave remain on earth, desperate to survive the snow. After nuclear war destroyed any chance to live on Mars, Venus is the last hope. Sponsoring a space race to Venus, the powerful worldwide company Botany General provides the chance that teenage gardener and botanist Yardley Van Dyke and pilot Marchand LaFond need to obtain fame and save their families and friends from freezing on earths surface. However, as both teens know too well, danger awaits and despite the freedom Venus offers, greedy corporate heads and political powers will stop at nothing to ensure that they remain in control.


A YA Sci-fi adventure, “A Brand New Addressis a mix of scientific exploration and teenage coming of age and romance. Both Yardley and Marchand have devoted their lives to their families and friends, resulting in Yardley being unacknowledged and caught between her parents while Marchand has become a Robin Hood type protector for the poor, stealing from BotGen and dodging assassination attempts. Neither teen is typical, which draws the two together in a budding romance that blossoms when they enter the space race, using their fathers' names. The main downside is that the world building, while intriguing, fills the entire book, so most plot threads are left hanging.  Another result is that the drama between Yardley and her family is resolved rather easily. Still, this is a good read for YA Sci-fi lovers.


Sarah E. Bradley