Bound by Time (The Bound Novel Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Isobel was born with a power she tried to hide the same kind of power that killed her mother. Her mother was a demon hunter and Isobel was the key. However, she had no recollection of being anything of the sort. That is, until she came home from college for summer break to find a mysterious and possessed window in her home. Her stepmother's auction find brought danger and darkness to Isobel's happily uncomplicated life. A welcomed complication was her handsome neighbor, Damien, who seemed to know a lot more about her than she did him. With his love and support, Isobel unlocks missing memories and finally wields the power she feared most of her life. She just prayed it was in time to save those she loved.

This was a fast paced, fun read, with lots of adventure, dangerous demons, hunky dark angels, and headstrong channels (magical conduits to destroy the evil demons.) A.D. Trosper has constructed a story that would attract readers of other genres as well.  There were elements of traditional literature, with Eusebia and St. Januarius' tale, as well as historical references while following the different incarnations of Isobel and Damien throughout the years. The author wove fiction and history together seamlessly without tempering the romance. The only negative would be that there are many typos, which at times distracted the reader. Still, Damien and Isobel's love for each other is epic…is true…is what everyone thinks of when they read a fairy tale.

Amy Willis