Bound (The Caelian Cycle #2)

Young Adult

SCI-FI:  Torn by the need for vengeance against her grandfather for the loss of her friends, and still struggling to train her body and control her Talent, Sadie desperately needs help from friends both old and new to defeat her enemies. However, with her Talent constantly growing Sadie has become a target of more than one organization, and the HCA underground may not be able to protect her from the law or those who would use her to kill or control. With Kian distancing himself, and the rest of her friends at St. Vincent’s out of reach, Sadie must uncover the truth of her past and overcome her fears or be bound forever.


The second book in the YA “The Caelian Cycle” series, “Bound” picks up where the previous book leaves off with Sadie reeling from the loss of her friend and struggling to figure out her Talent, and her relationship with Kian. With plenty of heavy emotions, action, and a few scenes of torture, this novel is not a light read and should be read in order. Although the quick pace and few original plot twists make this story an interesting read, it also spends too much time telling instead of showing, and the romance falls a bit flat. However, between the setting and the backstory this book will easily draw in fans of both the paranormal and dystopian as Sadie wields incredible power and could be the key to changing the whole society, making the next book a must read.


Sarah E. Bradley