Bloodline (Land of Ayrenia Chronicles: The Bloodline Saga #1)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  “Bloodline” is the beginning of Lands of Ayrenia Chronicles: The Bloodline Saga, about a young girl named Braelyn who has a destiny to save the world of Ayrenia, and to bring magic back into the land.  Three hundred years ago, her ancestor cast a spell that took all the magic away, and it caused all the magical creatures to die and for the very land to grow sick.  Braelyn is kidnapped by slavers and sold into the gladiatorial arena, where her fighting skills, already good from her warrior father’s training, become excellent.  She won’t be swayed from her destiny as the Lady Dragon, even though she knows only what visions from the gods have told her, and what heart tells her—that she must fight to bring magic back.


This first of the series is an engrossing fantasy novel that will draw readers into the story of Braelyn. She’s a worthy heroine—brave, caring, strong, determined.  Readers will root for her to win her freedom and get back to her family, as well as fulfilling her destiny. The secondary characters add texture; and the world-building is solid, with unique mythology developed for this story.  The concept of gods among humans feels legendary.  A warning is necessary--the gladiatorial scenes are quite violent and may upset a sensitive reader.  One prominent shortcoming of this well-written novel is that Braelyn comes off as too perfect, and seems to easily overcome any challenge she faces.  Overall, “Bloodline” will definitely appeal to fantasy readers who like strong heroines.

Danielle Hill