The Blood of Faeries (The Allison Lee Chronicles Book 2)

Dan Rice
Young Adult

Everyone knows the monster girl, Allison Lee. With protestors camped out on her front lawn each day and a tight security detail, Allison’s life has been nowhere near normal since she was exposed as a shape-shifting monster. She would like to forget the skaag part of her being. But she can’t because the skaag that long slept inside of her is now hungry to be loose. She can keep the skaag part of herself in check, most of the time. Despite wanting to go back to her life of photography and friends, she finds her life going ever further from that normal time as her friend and onetime boyfriend goes missing. Allison and her friends must work together to find Hajia and risk their own lives in the process. 

This is the second book in the series, and while it can be read alone it is much more confusing without the backstory provided by the first book. Dan Rice does a great job of describing this fantasy world and its monsters, immersing you in a world full of dragons, skaags, magic, and faeries. The dialogue in the book can get tedious and is sometimes even annoying in the repetition of words and phrases. The use of heroin as a way to do magic is not fully explained, and the world accepting magic with drug use is somewhat perplexing. The fight scenes are well done and invigorating. This fantasy is filled with plot twists and turns at regular intervals. The cliffhanger at the end will ensure that readers come back when he releases book three.

Cara Cieslak