Black Dawn

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  The world of Kiero is under siege by a mad king and Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster are on the losing end. What’s left of ‘The Academy’, the only body of people with abilities able to match the king, have resorted to hiding for too long, and now they are left with only one choice: retrieve the last heir to the throne from her hiding place and challenge the king before he succeeds in destroying them all. Unfortunately, Emory Fae has no memory of anything before Earth, so when Memphis and Brokk retrieve her, they must force her to remember everything with no time to prepare her to lead the Black Dawn Rebellion. Yet, even as the rebellion battles the king, another force from a different world is gathering power to destroy all of Kiero and they might be the biggest threat of all.


A quick-paced fantasy, “Black Dawn” has a fabulous premise and interesting setting which will attract many readers. Unfortunately, the pace of the story is so fast that little to no time is devoted to developing the characters or plot, especially since it begins mid-war, and all is told instead of shown. Told from three perspectives, the timeline becomes a bit confused and the romance is left at a surface "insta-love" level.  Despite the development problems, the setting and characters leave plenty of room for interesting growth and readers are sure to find the second version and subsequent sequel to be well worth the read.


Sarah E Bradley