Beyond the Wall (Beyond Series, #1)

Kate L.
Young Adult

Drea lives in a perfect world, except for the wall. The fifteen-foot barrier is there to keep her safe, just like the Protectors patrolling her clean and orderly little world. There is no crime, no violence, and no strife, but Drea can feel the wrongness in every perfectly timed aspect of her life, right down to the wristwatch that logs her every movement. All the perfection in the world can’t save her from the all-consuming question—what’s out there? Jerrick hasn’t had the same upbringing as the rest of his age group. None of them had to face losing their parents and being lied to by the Protectors. Jerrick has seen behind the untruths that hold their perfect community together. He knows about the rebellion—and he has a plan. Can he leave behind the only girl that might understand him? Or will he convince her to give up the lie and follow him beyond the wall?

Kate L. Mary has created a masterful rollercoaster of suspense and romance! “Beyond the Wall” starts with one of the author’s signature tense, tunnel vision hooks which immediately draws readers into the slightly off-kilter world. Questions mount as Drea’s myopic life reveals itself in tantalizing increments. The maddening lack of historical landmarks or collective knowledge, the strict, almost paranoid division of community, and the layers upon layers of control leave the reader as stranded as the characters and desperate to know more. Pages fly by in this taut adventure and tender love story. Though the ending comes at a less than satisfying moment, book one paves the way for an exciting new series.

Starling Gray