Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Endless Change

Parker is the oldest child, and the one his mother relies on. So, when Parker sees Dakota fending for herself in the streets, he can’t help but extend a hand, offering to get her off the streets and back in school. Dakota seems eager to go to school, to make friends, and make up for a childhood full of abuse.

Make it Count

PARANORMAL:  Casey Morgan knows numbers and has a gift: she knows how many days a person will live just by touching them. The gift has isolated Casey from people and keeps her at home instead of at a real school. Still Casey manages to live a semi-normal life at home. She has family that she loves, a little brother Harry who annoys her and a mother who pushes her.

4-Ever Hunted

PARANORMAL:  Trick is going to be a famous vampire hunter like his father. Despite his loving adopted family, Trick is determined to leave and find him. His determination to fight might just get him killed. Not by vampires, however, but rather the dark magic he already has running through his veins.

FANTASY:  Ember’s world changes forever when a mysterious man known as the Pathfinder kills both the Healer and Guardian of Otera. Now, years later, Ember’s life changes again when mysterious cuffs appear on her wrists, marking her as the new Healer/Guardian. The responsibility to save her dying planet is huge, and Ember struggles to deal with it.

MYSTERY:  Six months ago, three people were killed at the Scarry Inn, yet now the inn is celebrating its grand opening. The event for the opening is a murder mystery weekend, and the three Scarry siblings, Madge, Clyde, and Dick, have a rift over the timing and the actual event. Dick believes it is too soon and morbid, while Madge and Clyde are both completely on board.