Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

On Thin Ice

Penelope Trudeau has her hands full – school, ice skating, and her mother is dying of cancer.

The Long Staff

Fantasy:  The Present: Young Tom is looking forward to a summer of nothing but fun, fishing, and enjoying himself with his beloved grandfather. Having lost his father some time before, there is no one to explain, or show the purpose of a long staff that is always with his granddad. But now he learns that there is something special about it. There’s magic and that’s wonderful!

Invitation to a Stranger

 Most people may think ‘school disco’ does not sound earth-shattering or life-changing. But for friends Ronnie, Katie and Jasmine it started a chain of events that rocked their world, because there they met Drake… For this group of fourteen-year-olds Drake was beyond interesting because:
He was hot
He was mysterious
He was interesting and different

Imperfect Beauty

Alasdair Buchanan has crossed the pond of the great Atlantic to visit his cousin, Trevor. Alasdair, a native Scot, is a long way from home in a place he cannot see, though the sounds are familiar at the Highland games being held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. When Trevor abandons Alasdair to his own devises, Trisha Wright captivatingly enters the scene.

Cape Ingenue

It was a perfect day for Sandrin and her friend Kestrel to meet up with friends. When they arrive at the swimming hole they find something they never could have been prepared for. Their friend Kevin is lying dead at the bottom of a treacherous waterfall. Sandrin embarks on an incredible adventure as she tries to figure out what is going on.