Bellamy and The Brute

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Bellamy McGuire knows all about being an outcast. Ever since her mother passed away her father has been able to see ghosts, and been labeled crazy by the town as a result. So when the only summer job she can get is babysitting for the wealthy Baldwin family, even the mysterious happenings at their mansion can’t outweigh the money and her curiosity. After all, she doubts she’ll ever interact with the Baldwin’s eldest son, Tate who went from town golden boy to mysterious recluse. Yet, after taking the job, she can’t help but wonder what he’s doing up on the 3rd floor, and why she can see rose petals on the floor that no one else can. As strange things begin to haunt Bellamy’s footsteps, her only ally in uncovering what is haunting the Baldwins and the town, may be the one person who wants to hide the most - Tate Baldwin himself.


A combination of “Beauty and the Beast” and ghostly mystery, “Bellamy and The Brute” is a fun YA re-imaging of the classic tale with creepy twists to give the plot a lift. With an interesting setting, the story is given new life with the mystery addition to the beauty and the beast romance. The main characters are opposites with each doing some growing throughout the book and they keep the reader interested in the outcome. Although the romance itself is a bit predictable and slow to move, the mystery is well done. Overall, a great read.


Sarah E Bradley