Awakened Light (Celestial Guardians Series Book 2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Eden is a Timoreo, a form of angel. The Timoreo have a legend from long ago that says a fiery-haired girl with green eyes will be born to them, and she will have  the power to lock Lucifer and his demons back in Hell. Eden, with her long, red hair and green eyes is the answer to the legend. On her eighteenth birthday, the Timoreo will have a great coming-of-age ceremony for Eden in a clearing deep in the woods near her grandmother Safta’s home. The ceremony will confer new powers on Eden, to help her defeat Lucifer. The Timoreo Council plans to take Eden away from Safta and her guardian, Kiah, to complete her vital training. How can Kiah convince them to leave Eden with Safta without revealing his own forbidden feelings for her?

An enjoyable sequel to “Veiled Angel”, “Awakened Light” nicely continues where the previous book left off. This unique series will catch readers’ interest as it develops. New characters such as Peter are introduced, and they add mystery and tension as the story unfolds around Eden and Kiah, even for readers who were on board for book one. Dialogue tags still abound in this story every time someone speaks, as in the last book. The scenes at school slow down the pace of the tale and very little happens there. “Awakened Light” also ends on a cliffhanger. Ms. Nite very cleverly meshes the story of the past with the story of the present giving determined readers a full-bodied novel. 

Belinda Wilson