Avenging Fate (Threads of the Moirae Book 2)

Young Adult

Atropos is the Fate known as Death.  She has lost the scissors with which she can cut the threads of life and balance the fates of humans all over the world.  An evil entity known as Keres has thrown the human world into chaos and the gods of Olympus are playing games, with humanity and Atropos as the pawns.  Betrayed by her sister and the God of War Ares, Atropos must regain her scissors and start a war against the gods to save humanity, even if it will most likely mean her own demise.

“Avenging Fate” is an entertaining book which puts a contemporary spin on ancient mythology.  Atropos is a well-balanced character who struggles to overcome her fate and discover her own humanity despite her god-like status.  Unfortunately, the other characters in this book are not as well fleshed out. The main antagonist, Zeus, is completely absent, and instead the author relies on exposition to relate the conflict between him and Atropos, instead of allowing the reader to see the conflict directly.  As a result, there is a lack of emotional involvement for the reader as Atropos struggles to save mankind.   

Ms. Derrick’s prose is well done and her characters are generally interesting for the reader.  Her creative and unique mix of the modern era and ancient myths gives this story a unique appeal.  

Gwenellen Tarbet