Ava (A Hart Twins Novel Rx Book 1)

Young Adult

Ava is a planner. Her hectic schedule may keep her from seeing her friends as often as they might like, but she’s certain with hard work, she will finish her senior year with the best dance concert routine, organize the greatest prom, and get into her dream college. Unfortunately, Cade, the boy she never got over, is determined to challenge her schedule and give their relationship a boost. A carefree night with the boy she likes makes Ava want to try love again, but others are determined to interfere. As pranks escalate to threats, Ava and Cade fall back on old habits to maintain sanity, but when one doesn’t know why or by whom one is being threatened, is it possible to overcome betrayal, broken hearts, and endangered dreams?

A contemporary YA romance with a dark edge, “Ava” is half a story, showcasing one of a set of twins. With a dark tint lurking in the background to the whole tale, readers will be engrossed in Ava’s struggle to maintain her plans, fall in love, and figure out why she is being harassed. On one hand, the story has plenty of teenage drama concerning school and romance which has plenty of steam but stays clean. On the other hand, the darker edge to the story hangs over the whole book leaving the reader wondering when the other shoe will drop, giving it a cliff-hanger feeling even with the main plot line concluded by the end. Overall, this is a well written YA novel, and readers will feel a strong urge to read the second book about Ava’s twin to finish the tale. 

Sarah E Bradley