Aumelan- Blessed of the Gods #1

Charlene A.
Young Adult

SCI-FI:  Chad Aumelan lives in the world beneath the rock called Hollow Hand and is served by Dae, his female servant. Although Chad has feelings for Dae, the two are forbidden to have a relationship outside of master and servant. Chad wants to find a way to live without the service from the Chamber servants and leads him to investigate the land above in the Sun Nation. While there, he makes friends, looks for answers and runs into some major complications. Salana is the daughter of the Sun Nation; the land above. She wants to help Chad and once she learns the ways of his life she has a hard time believing how they live, she returns with him to his home and once there, more complications ensue. 


Ms. Wilson has a creative tale with “Aumelan-Blessed of the Gods”. The beginning chapters would be better understood if a prologue was included. It wasn’t until a third of the way through that the story and its many characters started to fall into place. The characters were complex and were woven through the story nicely, although some were bit hard to keep track of. This is first in a series and includes a sweet and sometimes complicated romance. Readers may want a little more suspense added and some highs and lows, for added drama, but overall a well written tale of the people who live below in Hollow Hand and those above in Sun Nation.


Julie Caicco