The Arrival (The Eslites Chronicles #1)

Young Adult

SCI-FI:  An alien race on the verge of extinction invades Earth one night, searching for a species similar enough to their own to make reproduction possible. They find the females of earth acceptable and the Eslites negotiate a treaty with the world’s governments for eligible females in exchange for cures for cancer and other diseases. The invasion changes everything, especially for sixteen year old Miranda May.  She met the attractive Eslite leader Dimas on the day of the invasion and is now imprisoned at the Eslite Medical compound, Nidus.  Miranda is willing to help the Eslites, but when the truth about what the aliens are really doing is revealled, Miranda is determined to expose the aliens and save the other girls from Nidus.


“The Arrival” is a short YA Sci-fi novella packed with tension, action, and emotion. The story is very fast-paced, with every character running on enough emotion to fuel a truck. The premise of the story is straightforward, and the sparks between Miranda and Dimas fly immediately, even as Miranda attempts to push him away. Mystery surrounds the Eslites, with potential good and bad guys on both sides of the fence. The biggest problem is that the story is so short, and it moves so fast, the reader has trouble absorbing anything before another emotion is thrown at them. Still, many readers probably won’t be able to help but be troubled by the Eslites, and appalled by Mr. May. Overall, an interesting read.


Sarah E Bradley