Armored Hearts (Armored Hearts #1)

Melissa Turner Lee
Pauline Creeden
Young Adult

When a young crippled lord rescues a young lady falling from a tree, he discovers secrets about himself that puts him in the center of a war he didn’t know existed. 

Tristan Gareth Smyth has lived his entire life stuck at Waverly Park with a critical grandfather, his sweet and lovable but illegitimate younger aunt, Tabitha, and a couple of loyal servants. The young lord projects an air of indifference to his crippled state and the wheelchair that he feels binds him but when more than one person sets out to pierce his armor, will he let love save him or will he fail to protect not only himself but also those he loves?


An exciting cross between fantasy and steampunk with some low-level Christian elements, Lee and Creeden have written a fantastic blended story and the reader will be engaged almost from the first line. Gareth is depressed by his situation but he still seeks to help others around him, and his relationship with Tabitha is endearing. Jessamine is the perfect girl to balance out both Gareth and Tabitha and the fae elements are added seamlessly. Readers looking for a light steampunk or faery story will enjoy "Armored Hearts". The romance is not insta-love (nor even fully explored) but readers will enjoy the action, and will look forward to a sequel.



Sarah Bradley