Anything Goes on a Friday Night

Young Adult

Elena lived a good life with her parents, had a great boyfriend, and best friends until one Friday night when everything went wrong. When her parents split and things go downhill with her boyfriend, Elena finds herself living with her father and attending the rival high school. The last thing Elena wants is the attention of the annoying (but hot) Finn, but when he insists on befriending her, and brings light back into her life, can she really trust him? Or will more trouble follow on Friday?


A contemporary YA romance, Elena’s story is one of teenage love and familial dysfunction. The drama around Elena’s family and friends could fill a sitcom, which makes it an interesting read for some. However, despite Elena’s supposed intelligence, she spends a lot of time doing stupid things and moping, which keep her from becoming likeable. It also counters her love/hate relationship with Finn and keeps this from being an easy or cheerful read. The conflict between them is mostly miscommunication, which can be problematic for the reader. On the other hand, the pace is steady, and the conflict, conversations, and romance all flow well. This is a good book for YA readers who get a kick out of drama and romance.


Sarah E. Bradley