Among the Shadows, Book Three of the Ash Grove Chronicles

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Tanner and Joy were elated at the birth of their daughter, Rose. They had gone through so much together and now at last things seem to be looking brighter. Tanner was at the hospital looking down at his beautiful baby daughter, when he realized it wasn’t her. Was he in the wrong room? He searched everywhere but Joy and Rose had disappeared. When Tanner went back to Joy’s father’s house everything was different than he remembered. He realized he was in an alternate reality. What had his father-in-law done?  He had changed reality by bringing his lost wife back.  By doing so he had also changed Tanner and Joy’s life and there was no baby Rose. He might have even resurrected the succubus that had drawn most of the life out of Tanner. Tanner knew he had to convince his father-in-law to change things back to the way they were before, but how?

Amanda Dewees continues the saga of Tanner and Joy’s journey. The reader is at once intrigued and uncomfortable with the reintroduction of the succubus into Joy and Tanners life. The alternate reality that the characters find themselves in is a reminder of how choices that are made can make such a difference in lives. The second alternate reality tends to make the story more complicated than necessary. But Dewees once again draws the reader in with the likability of the characters. A Talented writer spinning another entrancing tale!


Rose Mary Espinoza