Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

FANTASY:  Bakari is the first dragon rider in centuries, but he can’t subdue the growing tensions amongst the different kingdoms of Alaris. He starts a quest to find more dragon riders, hoping to secure peace in the kingdom. Roland has control of the citadel and carefully plays both sides, but might find himself powerless to fight a deadly and hidden enemy.

SCI-FI/ADVENTURE:  Saylor has a power within her that she doesn’t fully understand or control, but it may be the only chance the Alliance has against an army of deadly machines.  Being suspected of being a mole doesn’t help, as Saylor's attempts to master her power and stop the oxinals often gets her in trouble with the Commander and puts others in danger.

DYSTOPIAN:  Sienna Preston is an above-average young woman trapped in a world of bioengineered perfection. Her life is shattered when her father is suddenly taken from her world.

Twists in Time

SCI-FI:  When Ava moves to Las Cruces, New Mexico, she begins hearing voices in her head and in her dreams telling her she’s the only one who can help.  At eighteen and starting her senior year in high school, she ignores the voices, hoping they’ll just go away.  When she joins the Family History club at school she discovers the source of the voices.  All the members are the adopted kids of Spe


Coltran Braxton tries to stay below the radar, however having a criminal father doesn't make it easy. When he meets London Carstairs, a model who becomes his trainee during a summer lifeguarding job, it is virtually impossible. Keeping her from discovering the truth about his family becomes a challenge and when he falls for her, things get even more complicated.