Young Adult

Lauren Walstein is concerned with only two things: her softball career and the New York Mets. Until one phone call. The call about her father’s sudden heart attack forever changes Lauren’s life and shakes her family to the core. Feeling at a loss she turns to Joey, her best friend since kindergarten. With him she feels safe, secure and protected. 

Lauren’s life only becomes more complicated as she realizes her true feelings for Joey are no longer just friendly; but what will his girlfriend have to say when Joey comes to Lauren’s rescue?


Some readers may find “After” to be a predictable teenage love story. However, the author does demonstrate a good portrayal of teenage emotions and family dynamics when faced with a life changing crisis.  The author takes her time to establish Lauren and her family, but the same cannot be said for her best friend-turned-love interest Joey. This leaves the reader to wonder, what kind of person is he other than being the best friend? While written in true teenage vernacular, some readers may also find themselves distracted at times by the chatty dialogue that bounces back and forth and seems to trail off point. Ms. Ehrentreu does a good job of showing the meaning of true friendship and family loyalty when faced with emotional turmoil. 


Stephanie Lodes