The Adventures of Lok’ Toria: The Princess Finds A Pet

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Lok’Toria is an Orc Princess who becomes the kingdom's Oracle. As she is quite young when she becomes the Oracle, it is often difficult for her father, the King, to take her seriously. He finds he must heed her very words when she brings home a most unusual pet she rescued from a pit. Now the “pet” must be returned to its kingdom before a war breaks out that will potentially bring both lands to ruins.

This story is delightfully funny. Lok’Toria is such an innocent in the way she sees the world. The scene where she is bathing her new pet is downright laugh out loud funny. What the reader will like most about this book is how Lok’Toria and her pet (Prince William) overcome race, culture, and language differences in order to find a solid friendship and potentially more for the future. While the book offers humor, love, fantasy, and great world building, it does become confusing at times. Another clan of Orcs is introduced midway through the book, and sometimes it is not clear to whom the author refers. There is a dictionary of terms at the back of the book. The reader may want to read that prior to starting the story. In spite of the sometimes-confusing aspects, this story is sure to delight the reader, spark the imagination of young and old alike, and prove that friendship and love can overcome all boundaries. A wonderful book from M.L. Cook that has the reader vying for the next installment.

Carly Fulmer