Adrenaline Rush

Cindy M.
Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The newest and youngest spy from Division, Christy must infiltrate a group of thrill-seekers at a high school in Colorado that has been targeted by kidnappers. Once inside, Christy must make friends, get kidnapped, and then lead Division to the bad guys to stop them once and for all. Easy enough, provided she chooses the right group of teens. But once she gets inside, there’s no guarantee she’ll get out again.


A follow up sequel to Hogan’s YA “Watched trilogy”, Christy is back to save the day in a thriller mystery reminiscent of many Bond movies (albeit with a younger, less confident voice). While it is helpful to read the first trilogy, readers can easily pick up the story and enjoy watching Christy struggle to prove herself to her Division team, balance the feelings she has for her targets and new friends, as well as her handler Jeremy, and still fight against the bad guy using both brain and brawn. The scenes involving the teens stunts are done well, drawing the reader into the action, the teen’s chase, and building attachment to the characters before they are dropped into the hands of the psychopath who kidnaps them and wants to convert them into an army of assassins and murderers. Attempting to save her friends, and stop the madman in charge forces Christy to carefully seek out other subversive kidnapped teens while trying to keep her friends from falling prey to the madman’s propaganda. Altogether, a fantastic teen read!


Sarah E Bradley