4-Ever Hunted

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Trick is going to be a famous vampire hunter like his father. Despite his loving adopted family, Trick is determined to leave and find him. His determination to fight might just get him killed. Not by vampires, however, but rather the dark magic he already has running through his veins. When two vampires offer to change him into the very thing he hates in order to save his life, Trick doesn’t give a second thought before turning them down — until the same monsters stalking Trick target Dani Foster, the beautiful girl next door (and Trick’s secret crush). With both Dani and Trick’s lives on the line, Trick has to find some new allies quickly, before he runs out of time altogether.

A spin off from Ms. Blake’s “Rule” series, “4-Ever Hunted” feels like a middle-of-series book, and readers should keep that in mind. It is packed with action from start to finish! Trick is a reckless teen, acting the bad boy while keeping a big heart close. Although the vampire, werewolf, fairy, hunter trope isn’t new, and the story lacks the depth or originality to stand out, Trick keeps things interesting, and the excellent cast of characters help maintain a steady pace and cause the reader and Trick to wonder which side really is good or evil. Overall, fans of “Twilight” or “Shade of a Vampire” should check this one out.

Sarah E Bradley