19 Marigold Lane (Prudence Penderhaus, Book 2)

Young Adult

MYSTERY:  With Halloween over and winter on its way, the town of Flintlock is even more dreary than usual given the events of the past few weeks. As rumors about Cassius Shouster begin to fly, Prudence Penderhaus makes it her mission to try to shield the poor boy as much as possible. Another mystery has presented itself, and it is one Prudence cannot ignore; it connects not only to the boy she is falling for, but also to her own family. Will she be able to solve it in time?

Ms. Gilmore has produced a wonderfully witty novel in “19 Marigold Lane.” Both Prudence and Cassius are incredibly well developed. Cassius in particular has been carefully constructed, and is a very real portrayal of a teenager on the autism spectrum. It takes a bit to get to the action, but once it starts, it keeps going to the very end. Side characters get a little lost every so often in the excitement and a few others fall into familiar sidekick/villain tropes. The mystery and twists that appear in the book are fantastic, however, and when everything is combined, it creates a juicy mystery with a slight addition of sweet, teen love built on true friendship. This is a great book for lovers of YA and suspense!

Chelsea Andersen