15 Days With You

Young Adult

With Shep’s mother recently deceased he is on his way to live with his uncle, leaving his entire comfort zone in Texas. He is running from an incident at his previous high school and has no idea what moving in with his extended family will cause. Making the discovery that his mom left a very specific will, learning new secrets about her, and being torn with indecision is almost his undoing. However, he manages to pull himself together while exploring the same surf path his mom took and learning more about himself in the process.

The journey this story takes the reader on is unparalleled, raw, and indescribably real! The surfing descriptions push the experience into using all of the senses, including the peace that comes with certain maneuvers. The book does have two small flaws. First, it does play a bit on a cliché and second, it slows down for a moment in the middle. However, neither hinders the tale too much and are both easily forgiven because of well-written and loveable characters. It truly creates the desire to know how the protagonist continues moving forward in his life and what the fallout will be from the path he chose to take. If the audience is looking for a book in which they are disconnected and unfeeling toward the events, this is not the book for them.  

Yannie Sorensen