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Gigi leaves her busy life in the Big Apple for a small rural town in Vermont. There is a new playhouse in town, and the grand opening is boasting a Town Revue of local talents. She has accepted the job to direct said community revue, while waiting to hear if she gets the part for the cast of Cats.

Dr. Pomeroy is taken aback when she receives a call, letting her know that her husband was shot at his boat when returning from his daily fishing trip. But who knows where they are? They have been on the run, and now it looks like more running may be imminent. They ran from the US when framed for murder, then Katy was kidnapped and tortured by a mad man… still on the hunt to make her his own.

FAIRYTALE:  Eira is the Chosen One for her kingdom. Cadeyrn is an old friend she can’t forget. As heiress to the throne, Eira has responsibilities. Her duty is to marry another Chosen One and bind two nations together.

Valerian St-Amand is a centuries-old vampire on an altruistic mission to help new vampires adapt and survive. Maisie Thibodeau is a powerful witch sent by her coven to rein in one of Valerian’s more precocious immortals. When the vampire she is tasked with controlling is viciously attacked, Maisie quickly assumes the role of protector.

Edmund Knight is a vicar with a unique calling. He’s made it his business to save as many young women from forced prostitution as he can, no matter how many enemies it wins him. Lady Isabella Hartmere thinks her father is finally bringing her to London to enjoy the theatre. Instead, she’s handed over to a madame, stripped, and put up for auction at a brothel.