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Taming of the Few (Guardians of the PHAE Book 1)
Christy Nicholas &
Rowan Dillon

With the shifting of the magnetic poles, part of the human population on earth has developed magical powers. These range from powerful to small and insignificant. The people who possess these powers are known as the Unhidden. But bigotry and hatred run strong, and the Pure Earther Movement has their sights set on the destruction of the Unhidden.

Lady Heathway has been denied a long wished for daughter. So, she and five other matrons devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance in Society. She sets her sights on Miss Grace Yardley, the daughter of the deceased Viscount Barlow, who lives in a dilapidated dower house with her sickly mother.

Sneighd Arkon is lucky to be alive. Things rarely go well for the space freighter pilot. When a job for a Syndicate Boss, Baquar Starka, goes sideways, Sneighd finds himself on the run from the Galactic Corporate police, the Sinnetian Syndicate, and with only a Tendrite Portmaster, Korbot Maka, and an 18-year-old Rhadurian pilot, Haunalyn for help.

Aiden (The McKeegans #1)

HISTORICAL: Eireann is the only surviving member of her family after the Civil War ends. With few choices, word reaches her that her fiancé’s family in Montana is looking for him, and brings with it the hope to reunite with Callen.

Hattie Logan is determined to support the North in their war against the South while searching for her brother, even if it means giving up her privileged upbringing, fleeing her finishing school, and changing her history. As part of Allen Pinkerton’s spy agency, she works as a mailroom girl, uncovering secrets that could change the course of the war.