Recent Reviews

Breathe Deep

After a terrorist attack on the her cruise ship resulted in her being stranded on a tiny island, Leah is relieved to be alive and rescued. However, she never expected the trouble that would come with reentering civilization! Nothing is the same as when she left.

The Horse Hide

Alie McCull has a nose for trouble. When a trip to the racetrack with her husband coincides with murder and food poisoning, Alie knows there is more going on than a couple of accidents. As the reporter uncovers more details she discovers a web of lies and more mysteries.

PARANORMAL:  On the run from the servants of hell, Elizabeth is placed by her best friend Eddie in one of the few places a member of her holy bloodline can hide, called "The Flame".

Stirring up the Viscount

Trapped in an abusive marriage to a powerful and respected barrister, Theodora Ravensdale plans to fake her death and disappear into the country.

To Be Honest

Starla Emerson is happy with her life. She has a hot boyfriend, a best friend and is content to exist in the background where no one can notice her deformed hand.