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Cassidy will never forgive her ex-boyfriend — he used her then abandoned her for Hollywood fame. She’s determined to forget about love and pursue her own dreams this time, starting with her cupcake shop. When  Jase, an actor friend of her former love, turns up at her family’s ranch to research an upcoming role, she takes an immediate dislike to the guy.

Paige Eldridge is a rather shy, unassuming young woman. When an opportunity arises to take her away from her recent heartbreak, she jumps at the chance. Chaperoning teenagers around Europe challenges her anxiety, but she is willing to take on her insecurities for a change of scenery and her love of history. A sudden change of staff members on the crew puts Paige in an uncomfortable situation.

Rocker Preston Knight has found love with elusive vampire, Lily Grey. Lily did not choose to become a vampire. Preston welcomed the opportunity when offered to him. Loving each other opens doors for Preston and Lily — some to beauty, some to agony. Discovering they share a sire changes everything for the duo. Dorian Sweet holds sway over both Lily and Preston.

Prince André Miquel Peralta and his sister, Princess Alanna Safira Peralta are fighting to maintain sovereign control over their homeland of Solana. After the Lozano cartel’s attack ravages the island nation they seek aid from the United States government, who in turn seeks control over the country’s main export.

Oath Breaker

Much to her horror, 16-year old Mia's abusive father is killed by a werewolf — right in front of her. With her mother already dead and her brother Zak missing, Mia is now completely alone. When her estranged uncle whisks her away to Hood Academy, where he is director, she thinks it is the answer to her prayers.  Hood is a school for werewolf hunters and Mia fits right in.